Economic Development Marketing

Economic development can be described as a process that influences growth and restructuring of an economy to enhance the economic well being of a community. A major part of that process is telling your community’s story to the right people. How do you properly position your community to attract the right people and what steps do you take to get your messages out? 

Marketing and Branding Your Community

CIB’s team has in-house expertise to craft customized marketing and branding strategies that outline deliberate steps to tell a community’s story to the people who need to hear it. CIB Marketing’s approach involves a vetted five-step discovery process. We gather the facts, then we analyze the facts; we set the direction; we execute the vision; and finally, we measure our efforts. 

What makes your place unique?

With thousands of places to choose from, developers, site selectors, entrepreneurs, and investors consider multiple factors to make their location decision. In order to be selected, your messages have to be heard. CIB has the experience and expertise to help you identify your assets, position your brand, tell your story, and grow your local economy.

Putting it all together.

CIB builds customized and thorough marketing and branding strategies and ties them to the economic development strategy. We help implement those plans so they don’t get just sit on a shelf. Find out about more information about our projects

Brand Identity

What makes your community unique? What is the vision for the future and how should actions be prioritized to achieve that vision? CIB Marketing will help you get there. 

Economic Development Strategy

Our team connects the marketing, branding, communications, and public relations plans to economic development strategies for optimal success.

Marketing Strategy

CIB can help your community define strategic goals, identify target audiences and messages, and create customized marketing tactics. 

Marketing Implementation

We have the experience and expertise to assist your community in fulfilling your marketing objectives–through the web, social, communications, advertising, and all avenues inbetween.


Communications Strategy

Communicating with your target audiences is key to influencing decision-makers. We can help plan and implement your communications strategy through any media and all modes.

Community Strategic Planning

Does your community or organization need to refine your vision and mission? Could you benefit from gaining a better understanding of your team’s strengths? We have the tools and expertise to facilitate your strategic planning utilizing the DiSC assessment toolset.


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