While with LSL Planning, Carmine Avantini was the project manager for preparation of a redevelopment plan for Riverview Plaza in St. Cr, MI. Located in the downtown area, Riverview Plaza was once a shining example of a federal Urban Renewal project of the 1960s. Where once stood a traditional downtown then stood an urban mall, designed to take advantage of its proximity to Palmer Park and the St. Clair River across the street. Unfortunately, the center had difficulty competing with areas shopping centers and experienced associated vacancies.

Building upon ideas generated through stakeholder meetings and public workshops, an innovative plan was prepared for the redevelopment of the center utilizing the existing layout. Interior corridors are to be revitalized with a glass roof system and overhead doors that can be opened on warm days. The center courtyard is to be redeveloped as a recreation and entertainment destination spot facing and opening up to the waterfront. To better facilitate pedestrian access between Palmer Park and Riverfront Plaza, the plan proposes reducing the number of lanes on Riverside Avenue and the installation of a boulevard median and pedestrian crossing area. Along with

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