The Challenge:

Economic development, market analysis, and planning operate in their own silos and challenge the capability for healthy re/development in municipalities. Existing planning implementation programs are designed with good intentions, but end up becoming a check-the-box process that often misses the mark and fails to make projects happen. A master plan is developed, zoning is enacted, marketing agencies are hired, yet buildings and land sit vacant for too long.

The Solution:

A harmonious, data-based, and community-building ecosystem where policies align with vision and implementation. The process allows economic development, market analysis, and planning to coexist and interact.

Build MI Place brings the ecosystem into balance through a phased approach.


Market Verification via Target Market Analysis

Market research, analysis, supply-demand, and gap modeling identify what local housing, retail, and commercial markets can tolerate. Equipped with that information, community goals and visions can be understood, and decisions that impact the future can be made confidently.

We can answer the question “Does the market analysis support our goals?” “Do current policies help or hinder us in reaching those goals and visions?”

Build MI Place focuses on bringing alignment to that space based on market verification.

Due Diligence

Realizing that market limitations exist, due diligence is performed to understand what financial hinderances get in the way.

Through policy, strategic planning, and pre-development workshops, we help communities remove impediments standing in the way of developing real projects. It is about showing communities how to amend their master plans, zoning ordinances, permit approval process, and development policies in ways that clear the path for development. In this phase, we conduct a comprehensive appraisal and evaluation, and then initiate the training process through pre-development workshops.


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Feasibility Analysis

CIB‘s team has specialized expertise in identifying ways that financial gaps can be bridged through creative funding mechanisms and other development incentives. We also provide technical assistance and workshops for the investment community (land owners, developers, brokers, and lenders) to provide training on leveraging financial tools to make individual projects economically feasible and viable.

Promotion & Placemaking

Through awareness, education, and promotion, the team will develop the materials that will not only tell the community‘s story but will also communicate the opportunities, demographics, property inventory, and overall value that your municipality offers.

Development & Implementation

The Development and Implementation phase is where the proverbial rubber meets the road. Building on the steps in the earlier phases, phase five incorporates the development production steps with the municipality. During this realization phase, your community and the CIB team will be completing pre-build tasks to determine the type of development that best suits local needs and aligns with the standards put in place by the master plan.

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development planning + technical assistance = getting projects built

Opportunities are endless. Reach out and contact us to hear more about how we can help get development going in your community.

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