Ongoing Planning and Zoning Services

Planning with a purpose.

CIB Planning specializes ongoing planning assistance for small and medium-sized communities that demand the highest quality professionals, but without the consistent development activity to justify having a full-time senior planner. CIB Planning helps communities maintain quality development standards while making the review process clear and efficient through a thoughtful and consistent approach with community staff, commissions, and boards. Your community can expect planning leadership that is practical yet visionary with a focus on achieving results. The professionals at CIB Planning boast decades of public sector experience that translates into high-quality, ongoing planning services customized to your community.


Ongoing Planning Services

CIB Planning serves as the ongoing planning consultant for the City of Fenton, the City of Wixom, the City of South Lyon, Saginaw Township, the City of Owosso, and the Village of Fowlerville.

Downtown Fenton

The City of Fenton

CIB Planning has been the City of Fenton planning consultant for just under three decades.

Downtown Fenton serves as one of the shining examples in the state where the negative impacts of Urban Renewal can be reversed and replaced with a vibrant, mixed-use city center.

Our team has completely re-written the zoning ordinance and has prepared numerous amendments on a continuous basis, keeping up with trends in land use. We created one of the first pre-zoned PUD downtown districts in Michigan over 15 years ago and it has successfully facilitated new traditional, multi-story developments.

Wixom Village Center Area Project Photo

The City of Wixom

CIB Planning has served as the ongoing planning consultant for the City of Wixom since 2001. CIB has overseen the development of the downtown Village Center Area (VCA) and the redevelopment for the Wixom Ford Assembly Plant.

CIB Planning led the public involvement effort to build consensus on the desired character and layout of the VCA and translated that into an overall development concept plan. The result is a downtown with traditional character including a mix of retail, office, government, and residential uses.

CIB Planning led the redevelopment of the 300+ acre former Wixom Ford Assembly Plant site. The plant sat vacant for eight years and was finally demolished in 2013, leading to redevelopment as a mixed-use retail, office, entertainment and R&D complex.

Master Planning

Thinking about the future of your community can be a complicated task. There are a number of voices to listen to including residents, businesses, elected leaders, surrounding communities and many more. CIB can help you reach the right voices at the right time to get the input you need to see a clear vision of the future. The master planning process is your chance to thoughtfully plan your community needs for years to come. CIB will guide you through the journey while completing an implementable plan that you can rely on.


Your zoning ordinance is your primary planning enforcement tool. It ensures that the strategies for land use within your master plan are upheld as law. CIB has years of experience with zoning implementation and enforcement, as well as ordinance drafting, or amending your ordinance. Further, CIB has skilled staff available to serve as expert witnesses in complex zoning cases.

Downtown Development

Your downtown is your gem and CIB wants to help you let it shine! Today’s youth along with retirees are looking for new, urban options for living, working, and playing. While suburban amenities are still important, CIB understands the essence of strong downtown cores and implementation measures needed such as a downtown master plan, design guidelines or tax increment finance to see a project to completion.

Economic Development

CIB Planning has years of experience with economic development projects, from development review to corporate location strategies and incentives negotiations. Municipal services include assisting communities with the development review process, industry analysis, zoning support and contract economic development services. We will work with your community to prepare an implementable economic development strategy that will allow you to better support your local manufactures and assist with targeting job creation within your community.

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